Interview with Margareth Stewart


What motivated you to write this piece Margareth?

Oh, I wrote it inspired in many stories I've heard about suicide. People who wished to depart, others who could not do it, and I cannot ever forget Frida Kahlo who once wrote; “from here, I depart happily and wish never to return.” So, it felt like I was hearing all these people asking the world not to crucify them, to stop judging them and let them die in peace. I just wrote what I've heard down, and that made this poem so unique.

Was it based in any personal experience?

No, I love living. But I know people who just wish to die, go, depart, leave, people who do not mind death at all. They are too many now, from teenagers to elderly; with motives or without motives, they simply did not enjoy life. The rise on suicidal rate all over the world does not allow us to forget that. It is alarming. Even though, there are major programs calling for actions and prevention, it is a hard target. On top of all that, more and more people are diagnosed with depression. There may be a link between depression and suicide, so once they are diagnosed with depression, medication is on the rise to prevent any sort of constraint. It seems like a very depressive never ending circle in a disrupted world… in which humanity does not know how to deal with it. To sum up, I would say suicide is a double death - the person who is already dead dies once more.

What did you base your piece on?

There has always been so much talk about suicide and the condemning of the 'dead' as if he or she was guilty or had no right to do so. I really wanted to the call attention to the fact that that could be a personal choice. So, my trigging emotion was being an empath to the dead. Being comprehensible enough to understand the reasons to commit it. I guess that is the originality of the poem, the point of view (POV). All the rest assumes that the author is being faithful to the voice of the dead. Instead of judging the victim, the poem is an attempt to solidarize with the dead. This change of point of view may bring new insight to this old problem.

Do you have any advice for someone going through depression or suicidal thoughts?

I'd ask them to reconsider, if they have more reasons to stay than to go, they may have second thoughts.~

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