Interview with Heera Nawaz

Why did you write your poem Heera?

In life, there are two types of thoughts that can course through one’s mind: positive thoughts and negative thoughts. It has been proved that one attracts the kind and genre of thoughts that one already has in one’s mind; like a magnet attracting nails. So, if one is sanguine and optimistic, one will readily see that one attracts a beautiful kaleidoscope of positive feelings and emotions. The same applies to negative thoughts where, if one has a negative attitude, one will attract even more negativity. So, one should try to school one’s self to be positive, which is not something which is very easy to do, but something which is definitely worth the effort.
I was going through a bad patch, a riveting lean phase in my life, where my friendships were not fructifying into beautiful liaisons but instead were becoming ones inundated with lies, cheating and malpractices. I was getting pretty het-up and frustrated, and both my friends and enemies were having a field day at my expense. Things reached a head. I decided to take a break, review my plans and dreams and rid myself of all the toxic people in my life.

I wrote the poem and decided to stick it in my cupboard and glance at it every time I needed a boost, a fill-up and a surge of confidence and positive thinking. Indeed, it has been a very powerful indicator, and I would like those who are feeling low or forlorn to read this poem and poems like this to rejuvenate, refurbish and refresh one’s mind to go out there and fight it out, fair and square, using prayers and meditations as one’s 'weapons.' One should summon enough determination and courage to take a leap of faith, fight and destroy one’s negative thoughts and reach the goal of positive beautiful dreams and aspirations.

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