Counselling Through Creativity


Counselling Through Creativity - a not-for-profit organisation currently being set up to help people use words (poetry and short prose) as a creative, therapeutic tool for effective self-help, healing, understanding, and personal and emotional development.


Exploring tough topics based around your own life experiences, or themes that, for personal reasons, are close to your heart, with Counselling Through Creativity we work together at putting into words in a constructive, creative and therapeutic way, your thoughts, feelings and emotions. We can explore almost any subject; from suicidal thoughts and depression and feelings of low self-worth, to being in controlling or abuse relationships or of just not being able to cope, and together we construct, structure and build either prose or poetry (or both) around these topics.


Further details online shortly, in the meantime CONTACT US if you are an individual interested in this form of creative counselling, or if you are a company, group or organisation interested in using creativity as a support for improving good mental health.



  • Counselling Skills Diploma
  • Diploma in Relationship Psychology
  • NLP Practitioner
  • Positive Energy Coach
  • Life Coach
  • Anger & Aggression Management Coach
  • Body Healing and Pain Management Coach
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