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Nikori is a final year female student of the department of Mass Communication, University of Benin.
Instagram: @ehssay
Twitter: @ehssayy


Nilanjana is a parent, writer, poet, blogger and a market research professional. Born in Kolkata, India, brought up in New Delhi and West Africa, her mailing address has changed some fifteen times so far, and she is always ready for the next change. She believes in travelling light, and a sense of humour, along with the passport, is top on her packing list. Dipping into other cultures and countries, whether as an expat resident or a tourist, refreshes her writing muscles. She speaks English, Bengali and Hindi; and understands more Arabic than she can account for. She has a first class degree in Maths from Delhi University, a diploma in Marketing from Chartered Institute of Marketing, UK; and has lived/worked in India, Nigeria, Bahrain, UAE and Egypt. She celebrates the diverse range of cultural environments that she has experienced and her ability to navigate different landscapes of language, beliefs and customs. She has written over two thousand poems and hundreds of short stories, flash fiction and essays; her writing is informed by her travels as well as her own heritage. Her poems, short stories, essays and travel memoirs have been published in both print and on-line. Her first book was a collection of short fiction in Bengali called Seemaheen Bidesh (Foreign without Borders). Her work has appeared in print in Ananda Lipi (US), Sabaya (Bahrain), in multi-author anthologies like Social Potpourri – An Anthology and 10 Love Stories released by Indiblogger and Harper Collins India in 2015, as well as online in e-zines like eFiction India. She was a contributing editor in Inner Child magazine (US) with her own byline Passport to Our World - a travel feature which ran to a twenty-four part series.


Noor is a Mass Communication student in University of Bahrain and a freelancer journalist. She has written several articles for non-profit national organizations whose aims are to approach audiences in order to raise awareness about culture, physical and intellectual disabilities. Additionally, she volunteers with international organizations working in different programs encouraging society's acceptance of different nationalities. Furthermore, she coordinates and organizes international youth forums aiming to create an environment where both youth and leaders from diverse backgrounds can cross-pollinate ideas, share insights, and gain new perspectives in order to create actionable outcomes to push the world forward.
Instagram: @itsnoor_97
Twitter @icedchaihaleeb



Pamela lives in Glasgow, UK. Her work has appeared in various magazines including Buckshot Magazine, Brilliant Flash Fiction, A Quiet Courage, Allegro Poetry Magazine and Dream Catcher. She has also featured in anthologies published by Collections of Poetry and Prose and Indigo Dreams Press. She is working on her third novel.
FB: @pcottwriter
Twitter: @pscottwriter
Pinterest: @pamelascottwriter


A 19 year-old student of English language and literature in Bahrain, and an artist with a passion for poetry and illustration, Parvinder commits to temper with set boundaries, and is inspired by every element in nature.
Twitter: @_KaurParvinder



Pasithea is a budding Lebanese-Filipina poet who enjoys writing her impressions in symbolism, laced with philosophy and psychology. She writes in various styles but prefers pieces that have double meanings to allow a reader to delve deeper into her works.



Richard suffers with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and complex depression due to time spent in the British army, where he served for 10 years including tours in Northern Ireland and Iraq.



Sara spent a number of years working in marketing, training, and business communications in the West End, London. She was lucky enough to receive some of the best training facilities on a monthly basis, covering many aspects, including training to train, presentation techniques, negotiating, public speaking, counselling, coaching, budgeting, forecasting, and critical and lateral thinking with full motivation and leadership skills. After this she moved to Hong Kong as the first female Associate VP for ESPN to run the APAJ region managing the top 20 global advertisers from Nike to Coke. She fell In love with the Far East and the emerging artwork scene. So when she relocated to Phoenix, Arizona in 2000 she started her own business. This she did, becoming an independent art dealer specialising in Vietnamese painting and Chinese sculptures which was well received in the US and European markets, with some of the most renowned artist and galleries, with pieces often in the millions of dollars across the markets. This included the full running of PR, news interviews, television interviews and newspaper articles; supporting artists and promoting their work. After spending ten years in America she moved to the Middle East and returned to Europe to pursue training and education, where she developed soft and business skills for corporates and individuals, together with teaching English language and English for Business at international schools, and Cambridge exam centres for their level of training, invigilating and exam procedures recognised worldwide. She is currently teaching English and Business at LUISS University, Rome. She is also a published author; having a novel, four compilations and four short stories published through her publisher in London.


Sue was born in 1956 and is still writing.



At 27 years of age, Zahra has grown as an artist, having studied and written numerous pieces, most of which is poetry. In her work, she explores themes of mental health, society and socio politics, and faith in God. She credits her talent to her own mental well-being, and is often seeking opportunities to expand her talent as a writer. She is interested in a diverse range of subjects; from International Relations to creative thinking, and is drawn towards subjects and fields that allow her to create products of significance or to act towards goals for self-fulfilment or the betterment of society, and people around her. As a writer and an academic, she questions norms and conformity, and often thinks about possibilities of alternate realities.
FB: @zahra.zuhair.39
LinkedIn: @zahra-zuhair-5476a190


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