By Bee Parkinson-Cameron


Dear Father,


I always questioned why you didn’t support me,

In any of my endeavours?

You were always selective

And I never met the grade.

I used to try so hard
To be a daughter
That you could be proud of,
That you could be proud to call your own.

But the strain of the lie was too much

I denied myself for you

And I couldn’t keep doing it,

I couldn’t maintain the pretence.

I gave up. I tried to change myself
I tried to unashamedly be the real me.
You recoiled in disgust,
When I held out my hand to you.


You couldn’t love me when I tried

To be who I thought you wanted

Me to be.

I was never that person.

I tried to be myself for you
That was never enough either
So why bother anymore?
Why bother with any of it?


You will never support or love me

I accept that I failed to be your Princess

I accept that I failed from my first breath.

This is the last goodbye
To you
To the world
To me.


Yours, Brooke

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