By Heera Nawaz


Though the odds are stacked irrevocably against solitary me,
I vow to never succumb nor give in nor give up.
For those facing tyranny and not expressing it,
are equivalent of emptying God’s ever replenishing cup.
I will fight back for I am in the pangs of hurtful pain.
Trying my utmost to grasp for air and definitely not succumb,
for I am indeed made of stronger and sterner stuff,
willing to sweat it out until my bones are numb.
Indeed, life is not fair when the means are foul,
to uproot an innocent soul who will falter and fall,
so, I should courageously and resolutely spring forth,
and stand proud, resolute and tall.
Society can prick me with its unceremonious threats and barbs,
to make even a conscientious person like me lose hope and heart.
So, I felt enthused to harken myself to God’s clarion call,
and know that He will help me when things fall apart.
For God is great, I know in my bones that He will save me,
and give me the requisite fortitude to face formidable foes,
as I know he will heal my crushed, broken semblance of a soul,
and help me eliminate my every increasing worries and woes.
Indeed, they excel in torturing, tormenting and chastising my soul,
for which I should not relent, but remain vociferous and strong,
for I know I have the power of sacred and benign forgiving,
which enables me to eke out goodness even from their wrong.

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