By Malcolm Judd


I do not want your sympathy
Nor do I need you to understand,
All I ask is you show a little empathy
When depression takes my hand.
Do not cross the road to avoid my path
Or whisper so that I may not hear,
I only want a chat and a laugh
My friendship to still be held dear.
The illness which lies deep within my mind
Cannot be seen by you or anyone,
But take the time to talk, do not be blind
Do not be scared of me please do not run.
I do not want to lose my family my friends
Just because of my mental health,
The deep dark hole into which I descend
Cannot be filled with luxury or wealth.
So next time you see me please say hi
It may not be as scary as you may think,
I will be honest with you and never lie
A friend is all I need so that I may not sink.

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