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SUICIDE – A collection of poetry and short prose from writers around the world on the themes of suicide and self-harm



Compiled by Robin Barratt

Paperback ISBN: 9781091029347

Kindle ASIN: B07T93FNTD


It is undeniable that putting thoughts, feelings and emotions into words, on paper, either with poetry or in a short story format, can be both therapeutic and an incredibly effective method of self-help and healing.


In this brave and uncompromising collection, 50 writers and poets in countries around the world including: Australia, Bangladesh, Bahrain, Benin, Brazil, England, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Malawi, Malta, New Zealand, Nigeria, Pakistan, Scotland, South Africa, Switzerland and the USA, creatively explore the themes of suicide and self-harm, either from their own personal perspectives and experiences, or from the experiences of friends, family and people close by. An anthology on these subjects is undoubtedly thought-provoking and emotional, but also positive and uplifting too as, for many, putting their thoughts and feelings into words has set many on the road to creativity, healing and ultimately recovery.


"There's still so much silence and underlying stigma that surrounds suicide and self-harm. Thank you for being so brave, where others, I think, are too afraid to even voice the words self-harm and suicide"


“Sadly these are stills subjects very few people are comfortable talking about, or focusing on, so thank you for being bold enough to do just the opposite!”


"Giving voice to a difficult and challenging subject few are keen to explore or acknowledge"




All profits from the sale of this book will go towards the development of Counselling Through Creativity, a not-for-profit organisation helping and supporting others through the creative use of words.


Read a few examples of the poetry and prose featured in SUICIDE


Details of the 50 poets and writers contributing to SUICIDE


Interviews with some of the writers and poets about their contribution/s to SUICIDE


Groups and organisations worldwide offering support and help to people in crisis.


A not-for-profit organisation supporting others through the creative use of words.


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